Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tech Tip Tuesday: GradeCam

This week UEN is in Washington D.C. at NECC and we have seen some really cool gadgets and tools. We will be sharing them with your over the coming weeks, but this weeks suggestion actually comes from Judy Gibbons in the Cache County School District.  Judy Gibbons has purchased these devices for teachers and suggests their use in the classroom.  For teachers who have only one computer and can't do formative testing with an online tool the GradeCam allows a teacher to 'scan' their own key and then students can bring up their own sheets and 'scan' them into the computer.  The clever part of all this is they aren't scanned in the old fashioned way but placed under a simple inexpensive document camera which matches the pattern on the key with the pattern on the paper and give students feedback.  Students can then return to working and continue checking their assignment until it's 100% or they can get 1 try and scores feed into the gradebook.

The document cam is not the expensive item it's the software that powers it.  This is why the product comes with a site license not a per camera cost.

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