Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tech Tip Tuesday: Keep your Thumb Drive under your Thumb

Thumb drives, or Flash drives are those highly useful and now highly inexpensive USB flash memory storage devices.  These little devices are available almost anywhere and have become extremely inexpensive.  But are they safe.  We often do a lot to protect our online presence and use passwords and usernames to keep our information safe online.  What about your thumb drive?  While it is physically in my power it is also much easier to lose than the internet.

This article from Tech Learning has some suggestions for keeping your thumb drive safer.


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Web of the Week Wednesday: Bayeux Tapestry Maker

Web address: http://www.adgame-wonderland.de/type/bayeux.php

This site adds a bit of the surreal or the arcane to your presentation.  It's an online presentation tool...of sorts.  This tool allows you to add Medieval themed clip arts to a papyrus type background.  You can also add text.  Multiple frames and line tools round off this tool.  Your creations can be shared with others on the gallery or emailed to friends.  So for a flair of history try the Tapestry Maker for your next presentation.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Tech Tip Tuesday: Gmail just keeps getting better

Gmail has become one of the best email services around and more and more people are choosing it or migrating to it from other services. Google just made it better with Priority Inbox. This feature moves more important emails to the top of your list. How does it know which are important? Well Gmail knows what you spend time reading and replying to. The longer you ignore that email from the principal the lower it goes on your priority list. The quicker you respond to your principal the more it moves up. Gmail will also let you decide whether you want to start in the priority view or your regular inbox and you can also tell Gmail which email is most important.

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