Monday, October 30, 2017

Thinking about what I teach and why I teach it

I am working on a unit on adaptations right now and students are watching Life - Hunters and Hunted.  It's a fantastic video and I am willing to commit the 50 minutes of class time to it because I don't know of a better way for students to see so many evolved adaptations and analyze them.  One thing that I have taken to doing is pausing the video after a specific scene

After this scene I always share how curious it is to me that everyone feels bad that the rabbit gets caught (spoiler alert if you didn't watch the video)  I point out that rarely does anyone say "Oh!... poor stoat its going to starve if the rabbit gets away"  But people don't I try to open up perspectives that animals aren't mean or nasty just hungry! Why do I do this?  I guess I really do want students to think differently than the did before my class.  I am biased.  I want them to behave differently.

I am biased 

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

New Grant opportunities

The link to the STEM camps and competition grant application is finally available on our website. Please pass on this information to students, parents and teachers so they can apply for available funds. We would love to help as many students as possible as they prepare for their projects.

The link can be found at the following website  Applicants need to click on the link labeled “ STEM Camps and Competitions Application.”

If you need additional information contact:

The STEM Action Center

Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Raptor Biology Through the Seasons: Fall Migration, Winter Survival, and Spring Nesting Outreach Program
(9-12 Biology classes in public and charter schools) This is a FREE program provided with State iSEE RFP funds. 
This outreach program makes use of HWI’s 30 plus years of raptor migration data, scientific research, and our live education raptors to discuss topics including migration, evolution, adaptations, the food chain, predator-prey relationships, data interpretation, understanding different kinds of data, natural selection, the life cycle of raptors, and the use of field guides and dichotomous keys to align with the Utah Core Standards. The program includes a hands-on data element, utilizing real HWI data gathered from our Goshute Mountains raptor migration research site. The use of “live” data encourages critical thinking about what data tell us. Examples include comparing both numerical and categorical data to evaluate correlation, relativity, and comparison of variables to make inferences.

We will be providing programs north of Provo along the Wasatch front including Provo, Alpine, Wasatch, Canyons, Jordan, Murray, Canyons, Granite, Park City, North and South Summit, Morgan, Salt Lake, Davis, Ogden, Weber, Cache, Logan, Rich, Box Elder, and Tooele for this school year.  

We are planning a specific visit for outreach to St. George January 23 – February 6, 2014 and would like to set up visits with high schools in that vicinity during that time period.
Contact Nikki Wayment at to schedule a FREE program for your Biology classes.
HawkWatch International is a non-profit scientific conservation organization whose mission is to conserve the environment through education, long-term monitoring, and scientific research on raptors as indicators of ecosystem health.  The Education Department at HawkWatch International (HWI) works to inspire the public’s passion for raptors, translating that passion into increased appreciation of and participation in conservation and science.  The purpose of our education programs is to help build a more environmentally literate general public that understands the responsibilities we have to wildlife and the environment we share, and understand the challenges humans face in protecting and conserving the environment to sustain a healthy ecosystem for all living creatures for future generations. Our school-based education programs work to address the science and math gaps among students, and assist teachers in providing tools that inspire passion for learning these topics through real
world examples and career opportunities.
Please share this opportunity with educators who have Biology courses in your community.  If you have questions about Hawkwatch or this specific program, please contact  

Nikki Wayment ‎[]‎. If you have questions about iSEE programs please visit the website: for more information about our current iSEE institutions.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

More science stuff

Science Community Opportunities
October 16, 2013

Here are more great opportunities for our community! Check out the experiences below to become more engaged in the science community around us:
·         Outstanding Educator Award
·         REFUGES Part-Time Job Opportunity
·         Tundra Connections
·         Hour of Code
·         U-S2TEM Scholars Program
·         Engineering is Elementary Scholarship
·         Engineering Day
·         Botany Bins Teacher Resource Kit and Workshop
·         Water Education Workshop
·         Innovation Studio: Design Thinking & 21st Century Learning
·         Salt Lake Valley Science and Engineering Fair: Call for Volunteers
·         Free Posters
·         Goings on at the Department of Physics and Astronomy

Scroll down for details.
PLT Outstanding Educator Award
What: USEE’s recognition for educators’ efforts and commitment to environmental education
The deadline for submissions is October 18th
Notes: Nominees must be trained in PLT, anyone can nominate an educator, and self-nomination is encouraged
Contact: Charice Bourdeaux,

The Utah Society for Environmental Education (USEE) is calling for nominations for their PLT Outstanding Educator Award. All Outstanding Educator Honorees will receive an invitation to the Annual Environmental Educator Conference, recognition at the conference luncheon, certificate, and feature on the USEE website. Utah Outstanding Educators will receive paid registration to the conference, recognition at the luncheon, an award, nomination to the National PLT’s Outstanding Educator Award, and a feature in the USEE e-newsletter and website.

REFUGES Employment Opportunity
What: Part-time employment
Where: REFUGES (Refugees Exploring the Foundations of Undergraduate Education in Science
Recommendation: Background as a math or science teacher a plus

REFUGES (Refugees Exploring the Foundations of Undergraduate Education in Science) is looking for a licensed teacher to serve as the Program Supervisor and liaison between our program and 5 area high schools. The REFUGES program supports science and math workshops, homework help and tutoring in afterschool programs for Sudanese Youth in Action (SYA), Transitions for Refugee Youth (TRY), the Utah international Charter school, and Horizonte Instruction and Training Center.  We would like to develop our collaborations so that we can positively impact high school graduation rates and student success.

The position is part time, 10 hours per week, pays $35/hour, and includes partial benefits from the University of Utah. Interested candidates may apply at

Job Title:  Associate Instructor - Hourly
Job Posting Number: PRN02709N
Department:  01400 - Center for Science& Math Educ

Tundra Connections
What: Polar Bear International presents a free webcast series during the peak of polar bear migration
Webcasts begin Wednesday, October 23
See the attached PDF
Free registration at

Hour of Code
What: A one-hour intro to CS presented by Computer Science Education Week
December 9-15, 2013
Where: In the classroom
Registration: Deadline to register is October 31
Share this with everyone in your school!
Prizes for EVERY Educator!
Every educator who hosts an Hour of Code will get a gift of 10GB of free DropBox storage. And I will personally donate a full class-set of laptops to one school in every state that hosts an Hour of Code for all its grades. Just register your school’s participation by Nov. 1 to qualify.
To celebrate Computer Science Education Week (Dec. 9-15), and dozens of supporting partners are organizing the largest initiative of its kind: a campaign to get 10 million students of all ages to try computer science for one hour. I’m writing to ask your help.

What is the Hour of Code? No experience needed
It’s a one-hour intro to CS -- on a browser, smartphone, or unplugged. We expect teachers from all disciplines to host it in classrooms, and we’ll provide tutorials that require no prior experience. We’ll announce an amazing list of partners over the coming weeks, but we need your help.

Recruit your entire school to participate
Most students are intimidated by CS; this campaign is a chance to inspire them to try. Please recruit your principal and other teachers to get involved. Share this brochure, or this homemade how-to video. Or get creative and define your own “Hour of Code” activities.
More information see "Hour of Code" website:
Please, start planning now and help make a difference.

U-S2TEM Scholars Program
What: STEM scholar program
Where: University of Utah
Priority application due by November 1st; however, the program will except applicants up to February 1st

Our program provides a truly interdisciplinary experience with scholarship funds, cohort activities, mentoring and research opportunities, and an amazing opportunity to become part of the Honors College (including housing benefits).  We're looking for academically talented, yet financially challenged students.  The priority application date is Nov. 1 (highly recommended) but we will take applicants up to Feb. 1.

Engineering is Elementary Scholarships
What: Raytheon-EiE Teacher Scholarships
See Attached PDF
Deadline is November 1

Engineering Day
What: The University of Utah celebrates Engineering Day
Saturday, November 9th from 9:00 AM to 12:30 PM
Where: Warnock Engineering Building at the University of Utah
See attached PDF
Registration opens Oct. 15th, and space is limited
Contact: Morgan Boyack,

For your information, students who attend will have the opportunity to visit with academic advisors, see student research projects and tour three different engineering labs.  Please target students that are interested in Engineering, Math, Science and are interested in designing creative solutions to new technologies.  Please pass along this information to all math and science teachers.   Registration opens Oct. 15th and space is limited.  For more detailed information please

Botany Bins Teacher Resource Kit and Workshop
What: Red Butte Gardens’ first module of the Botany Bins Program launches with a workshop
Saturday, November 16th at 1:30 PM to 3:00 PM
Where: Red Butte Gardens
Recommendation: This will focus on a module titled “Ethnobotony: People and Plants”
See attached PDF
Contact: Email Sara Sorensen,

Water Education Workshop
What: “Water Energy in Action,” a teacher workshop for 4th-12th grade Utah educators
Tuesday, November 19
Where: Hogle Zoo, 2600 Sunnyside Avenue, Salt Lake City, UT 84108
Recommendation: Participants will be eligible to receive a free Water Energy in Action kit and instructional binder, substitute stipend, and travel/hotel stipend
See attached PDF
The workshop is limited to 60 participants
Contact: Janet Hatch,

Innovation Studio: Design Thinking & 21st Century Learning
What: A two-day workshop for teachers in grades 6-12 classrooms
January 23-24, 2014
Where: The Utah museum of Natural History
See attached PDFs for registration form and brochure
Early registration ends on November 30, 2013, Try to apply as a team (2-3 members)
Contact: Dr. Christelle Estrada & the Utah Design Team,

Salt Lake Valley Science and Engineering Fair: Call for Volunteers
What: Salt Lake Valley Science and Engineering Fair Judges
March 18-20, 2014
Where: Rice Eccles Stadium, University of Utah
Notes: You don’t have to attend the full three days to be a judge, you can decide which categories fit you best and volunteer for them.
Registration:, Please try to register by early March
Contact: Jody Oostema,

It’s that time of year again!  The Salt Lake Valley Science and Engineering Fair (SLVSEF) would like to ask you once again to volunteer your time and share your expertise with some of the brightest, young scientists and engineers from Salt Lake, Tooele and Park City!

SLVSEF 2014 will be held at Rice Eccles Stadium at the University of Utah on March 18-20, 2014.  (*Please note this is not only a week earlier than normal due to an early spring break for three of the six participating school districts, but judging for the fair will be held this year on Tuesday through Thursday!) Elementary students in grades 5 and 6 will set up their projects for a judge preview on Tuesday, March 18th and be judged on the morning of Wednesday, March 19th.  Secondary students in grades 7 through 12 will set up their projects for a judge preview on Wednesday, March 19th and participate in judging on Thursday, March 20th.  The Awards Ceremony will be held on Friday, March 21st.

You can register now for SLVSEF at  Since the fair will be split into two days, you will have the option to volunteer as an elementary division judge on Wednesday, March 19thor as a secondary division judge on Thursday, March 20th If you’re really enthusiastic about science fair you can, of course, do both!  

The online registration is for Category Judges ONLY.  If you have participated as a Special Awards Judge in the past, you will be contacted by Whitney Heileson-Knight or Polly Creveling, SLVSEF’s Special Awards Coordinators and Interns! 
2013 SLVSEF had 581 projects and we expect to have over 600 projects at the 2014 SLVSEF.  Please pass this email along to friends, co-workers and colleagues who may be interested in volunteering as a judge. And don’t forget to tell them how much fun it is! 

Free Posters
What: Free posters from the Sports ‘n Science program
Where: University of Utah’s Center for Science and Mathematics Education
Fill out an online form to request a poster or visit the CSME table at the UEA conferenct

The Sports ‘n Science program at the University of Utah’s Center for Science and Mathematics Education (CSME) is offering FREE posters for your classroom!
Sports ‘n Science is a collaborative effort between the CSME and the University of Utah Athletics Department. Through outreach programs and educational offerings, Sports ‘n Science attracts students to science and math careers while building bridges between sports and science.
Each year, Sports ‘n Science creates posters that depict the science behind the sport.  Posters are 11"x17" and are available for free to K-12 schools and teachers. Each poster has a link to an online feedback survey; students and teachers are encouraged to complete the survey for a chance to win a prize drawing.
Poster quantities are limited. For more information or to request posters for your classroom, school, or after school club, visit or stop by the CSME table at the UEA conference at the South Towne Expo Center, October 17-18, 2013.
The CSME offers many programs that link the University of Utah to the community.  To learn more, visit or sign up for our monthly e-newsletter by emailing

Goings on at the Department of Physics and Astronomy
What: Information galore
Where: The Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Utah
See the attached folder for program brochures and information
Contact:  Lynn Higgs,

Attached is some information indicating the incredible things going on in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Utah. Please bring it to the attention of your students and have those interested contact Lynn Higgs directly <>.

Please note:  These are opportunities that have been requested to be shared with the Utah science teacher community.  The Utah State Office of Education has not specifically vetted or endorsed the programs shared.  Any concerns or questions should be directed at the organizations associated specifically with the event.


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