Thursday, June 4, 2009

Session 5: Education Layers (part 2)

How are layers Applied?
  • Consider Constraints
  • Decisions are made tenatatively
  • Consider the effects of any decision (will the instruction need maintenance)
  • Design proceeds in waves.
  • Jen Barry's Tabular method
    • Imagine what it would be like from the student perspective.
I have been discussing Our Wimba Online Training tools with Dr. Gibbons

Dr. Gibbons has discussed the need for some things we haven't looked at.  Population analysis, Needs analysis.  We have been planning the course, but haven't really analyzed what the needs of our target population are. 

He has also pointed out the necessity of having our 'events' defined.  How long will each instructional unit be.  Or what will they be made up of.   How are we going to deliver this?

Gagne's Taxonomy of learning was first based on Skinner.  Gagne had changed this to include Verbal, Attitudes, Motor Skills.  Content categories changed over time.

This is a little fragmented, but the session really was great!

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