Thursday, June 18, 2009

I forgot how much I loved Edutopia

I have loved Edutopia for years, but I forget how great they are. Today on twitter @shiftparadigm made an offhand comment about the "feed the elephant" statement. It immediately reminded me of where I had read it and I had to go look it up and reread the article, and I jumped in an joined the conversation.

I was reminded of this today on Twitter. I read the original probably just a week or two after it orginally posted. This is as relevant now as it was then. I have actually made this part of my doctrine when teaching others. We need to have not only just in time education, but just in time assessment. Assessment that actually shows us what kids are able to do. We don't need complex weighing processes we need better feeding processes.
My own comment, made me realize, I have a doctrine of education, a belief system, a philosophy. My Adviser at BYU Clifford Edwards encouraged us to write out our educational philosophy and revisit it regularly. This is one of the things that blogging has done for me. I revisit educational ideas that resonate with me and visit new ones that sometimes do and somethimes don't.

What are my fundamental Articles of Educational faith? What is my Doctrine of Education? What is my philosophy, my science, my vision? What do I think education should be? Another Professor used Well I think I am going to have to think on that a little and maybe make for another post, but I know what thing, I absolutely believe in learning. Always and forever learning!

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