Friday, June 5, 2009

A loosely coupled gradebook!

The essential difficulty of creating an open course with open tools is how to get scores and feedback to and from students.  Creating a gradebook that is loosely coupled allows you to feed the scores from various tools to the gradebook with out pulling the artifacts.  By creating 'links' it can send the Teacher from the score out to the tool that created that score and they can see item level detail.

When creating the gradebook it also creates an iCal feed so that creating the assignment also allows a due date and calendar feed.  They are looking at creating a rubric tool that will couple with the grade book also. 

Because there is already a database of student pictures it is possible to couple pictures back to students.  It is also possible to flag certain grades or in other words report back when

One of the expectations is that students will know how to create a document that lives in the cloud.  This means that instead of submitting text, documents, files or the artifiact, they submit the URL.  The teacher then clicks on their submission and sees the document wherever it lives on the web.   This also has a "speed" grading which creates a small frame above the submission and allows you to record the grade and feedback and then continue on to the next submission

You can see his presentation slides and blog here:

Building a portfolio should be a valuable metacognitive (and I would argue authentic) experience.

There would be a possibility of creating a tiered evaluation of

Web services are the glue that ties it all together.  Greate quote !

A malleable learning network!  What a great quote.

In order to create the Learning Outcomes document and to make it public it was decided to create a wiki.  A novel concept in many ways, but what you have is a huge document that would otherwise have been impossible or difficult to create and difficult to update.  Now you have a live dynamic document. Pilot will should be active in January 2010. 

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