Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wednesday Web of the Week: EyezMaze

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There are some that might argue that this site is a complete waste of time.  The author wasted time building the games, and it's a waste of time to play the games.  Well, the author has developed mutliple games using Adobe's Flash Animation. (If you don't have Flash get it here) The games have one major component in common.  Each of them require that you add things in the correct sequence to carry out the task.  I have loved the games for several years, and have tried and tried to figure out a good excuse to actually use the in a teaching situation.  I couldn't figure one out so I just allowed students to use them as motivators after finishing other work.

Well, I finally found my excuse.  I realized that these games can be used to reemphasize the concept of sequence.  They could also be used to demonstrate cause and effect.  Well, check them out yourself, let us know if you can see other educational applications, but when you visit be prepared to waste some time!

See a preview of the page below:

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