Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tech Tip Tuesday: Share video the eMedia way - Tip #3

Using video in class is a fantastic way to teach difficult and abstract ideas.  If a picture is worth a thousand words a video must be worth 10,000.  Learning to effectively consume and learn from video resources seems as useful today as reading was in generations past.  In order to help students use video effectively to learn we should use it to teach.  Specifically, we can use video outside of class instead of or in addition to textbooks and reading assignments.

The third eMedia tip is to assign some video as homework.  Spending a few minutes to teach students how to access the resources in emedia and how to view them will make it possible to assign enrichment assignments outside of the classroom.  One, caution, be conscious o the digital divide and that not all students will have video ready internet at home, or internet at all.  However, having said that, if we give students a week or two to view a video or two, then they have time to visit a public library, the school media center, or even the computer lab before or after school.  As a teacher, we can assign a video or one of a series to students and ask them to report on it.  It becomes really about the same as a reading assignment.  Then instead of using two class periods to watch and discuss a video, we can focus on using the time face to face for those activities that can only be done face to face.  Discussion, skill acquisition, feedback and the direct interventions that students need.

This is the end of this mini-series of eMedia tips about video, but feel free to post some comments about how you use video or suggest using video.  Also, as new tools, resources and techniques become available for eMedia we will revisit it with new suggestions.

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