Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Wednesday Web of the Week: Pre-school Pioneer

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Pioneer, Utah's online Library has been around for more than a decade.  It has been the source for relaiable results and research for students from kindergarten through Doctoral work.  The Utah Education Network has helped develop and manage this resource for the state.  Pioneer provides Database searches, instructional media and access to subscription services like CultureGrams for the whole state.  This has ensured that every student and every School District has access to the same high quality materials.

Now, Pioneer has a baby brother  (or sister or sibling if you like) Pre-School Pioneer brings together some of the best resources around for pre-school age children.  These resources are available to pre-school teachers, and parents to help encourage early learning.  One of the prime indicators of success is positive early experience with learning and reading.  Pre-school Pioneer is there to help Utah's youngest learners get that positive push from learning.

Check out the variuous tools available including: Pre=media, PBS Kids Island, and fun activity calendars for timely learning.

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