Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tech Tip Tuesday: Share video the eMedia way - Tip #2

Screen shot 2009-11-24 at 10.00.08 AMUEN's eMedia library has some great video collections.  Series of videos that are all related.  For example: Disney's Animal World which includes videos about bears, frogs, meerkats, and giraffes.  PBS's Building Big which is series about Heavy Construction projects like: Dams, Tunnels, and Bridges.  There are other series' available, and when there is such a great series it's tempting to show the whole series.  It's like having a trilogy of novels, the whole series helps students learn more than just one can.  However, there simply isn't enough time for showing all of a series in a typical year. So what can you do?

By selecting a series' of videos and previewing one or two as the teacher, it's possible to create a generic activity sheet for students to work on while viewing the video.  Questions that can be answered and discussed regardless of which specific video in the series was chosen.  Then teach students to access the videos on eMedia and in a Computer lab each student can choose their own video to watch.  After some time viewing the video each student can share the specifics about their video either in a whole class discussion or in small groups.  Either way, students are able to create generalizations about the topic from the specifics that each learned.

So, visit UEN's eMedia library and pick a series today!

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