Thursday, December 3, 2009

Why Kindle won't kill the textbook!

I was talking to a friend who fears that the Kindle will be the death of the physical book. I think it may be but I hope it doesn't kill the textbook. I hope something else does.

There has been a lot of talk about Kindle replacing textbooks, but personally, I don't see the sense in trading one static medium for another. A textbook is full of text and pictures. A Kindle book would be the same. Text and pictures. Kindle currently has the big drawback of being not just text and picture only but not even color. Hopefully that will change eventually, because color plays a vital role in navigating informational text, but I digress.

Textbooks are static and Kindle books are static. What I want is instead of only static diagrams and pictures, I want interactives and 3-d images. I'm a Science geek. Don't replace my textbook with static materials. If something kills the textbook I want it to be something better. Something that explains a Composite Volcano and then shows an animation of the different types of eruptions.

I hope Kindle doesn't kill the textbook. I hope something better does.

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