Wednesday, December 9, 2009

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If you are one of our readers chances are you've taken one or more of our UEN Professional Development courses. If you have you may want to know where UEN's trainers learn all that great stuff.  One of the places is  On this site you can find resources based on the Product: PowerPoint, Word, Excel, Access, or OneNote.  The help and how to has text based tutorials with  audio enhancements.  These tutorials are quick and very well writtten, and being text-based they don't require as much bandwidth (or as fast a connection) to use.  You can download great templates, with dozens and dozens if not hundreds specifically designed for educators.  If you are a registered Microsoft 2007 user you can also join the community and share your own templates, designs and resources.  The Clip art gallery expands your library to an almost limitless size with images, line-drawings, animated picturess and audio.

So try your hand at something new.  Learn a trick for Excel, or download a new holiday image.

For Apple Mac users: is the place to go for tutorials, help, hints and tips on the Mac version of office.  Downloading clip art is still available on but is best accessed with Safari. Errors occur when using Firefox and the downloaded clips don't open properly.

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