Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tech Tip Tuesday: Pick your Tablet

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="440" caption="Apple iPad( left) vs Kindle HD 8.9" (right)"]Apple iPad( left) vs Kindle HD 8.9" (right)[/caption]

There have been a couple of big announcements about Gadgets in the last few weeks. Amazon announced their latest updates to the Kindle line.  The new Kindle HD has higher resolution and now comes in a new larger 8.9 inch screen (Amazon will also be keeping the 7" screen model) With Amazon providing a rich, and robust content store and running the Android Operating system it is head to head with Apple's iPad.  No new iPad was announced this week, but the pocketable gadgets all got an update.  Apple announced updates to their iPod Nano, it will get larger again after getting smaller last time.  Apple seems to be having a lot of trouble defining this device. If you look at a history of the Nano you can see that more than any other it's form factor has changed. The iPod Shuffle is a close second. The iPod Touch was also updated and got a colorful make-over.  The iPhone 5 was also launched and the biggest update for the newest iOS devices is a larger screen. The screen will now accomodate true widescreen ratios.  This might be forthcoming in a new generation of iPad, but in a move that didn't surprise me in the least, Apple did not announce an iPad mini.  Whether there will be a place for a screen size between the iPad and iPhone is up for debate, but my guess is we won't see one until there is compelling evidence that people prefer the smaller size screens.

So which tablet for you? right now the question comes down to factors: content and cost. The Kindle HD 8.9" comes in at only $299.00 for a wifi 16GB version. With an Amazon Prime account it will include streaming of a wide variety of video from Amazon's services. It will run the majority of Apps you might want on an iPad and will allow you to stream any content you purchase through Amazon.  The audio content especially is nice. It is yours. You get mp3 files that belong to you.  No DRM just files. However, Kindle's eBook format is the opposite.  DRM and you never really see the files.

iPad weighs in at a heftier $499.00 (or $399.00 for the previous generation) but also has a really robust content store and with recent (the last few years) changes to iTunes most of your music is yours without DRM. Amazon offers apps to access your content purchased from them, so if you already have a lot of content with iTunes the iPad may be the way to go.

Having trouble deciding.  Go take a look at their specs and take some time to think it through.

Amazon Kindle Fire HD

Apple iPad

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