Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Effective Learning at Hogwart's School of Wizardry

I want my kids to go to Hogwarts.

Why you may ask? For Defense agains the Dark Arts? Herbology? Care of Magical Creatures, or is it just that I want my kids to live at a boarding school so I only see them for Christmas Holiday and a 8 weeks in the summer (hmmm tempting especially for teens but no). No, the reason I want my kids in Hogwarts is because this is quality education. Think of some of the things that they have at Hogwarts

  • Small Class size- There are only about 16 Griffyndors per year
  • Flexible Schedules Double Potions gets more time
  • Effective Intramural sports
  • Advisory Teachers
  • Customized schedules beginning in Grade 8
  • Focused Career Counseling and career courses
  • Practical Lab Experiences
  • Extensive social learning and group work
If you take a look at what Hogwarts offers to it's students, it is pretty exceptional.  I want my kids to go there. In fact.  I would love to teacher there.  I wonder if there is an opening for Muggle Studies?

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