Thursday, April 9, 2009

What's on first?

What first up for creating multimedia? I am not entirely sure, but I found a new entry for Top 5 Cool multimedia tools on the web. The website allows you to generate your own 3D movies with custom dialog and set pieces of animation.

This could be a phenomenal tool allowing students to storyboard and develop ideas for creating their own filmed movies. A teacher could also heighten media literacy by allowing students a chance to direct their own sequence which would heighten awareness of the tricks and techniques filmmakers use to create drama or move a story along.

Additionally foreign language could write dialog in the language their are learning. English teachers could use this to help teach dialog as well. A final interesting feature is that you are allowed to remix other videos which enables you to put your own twist on an idea without starting from scratch

Happy movie making!

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bernice a.yoshimoto said...

Making a movie is a fantastic idea for reading and writing opportunities for all students. I would use this idea for a language arts project that could last for a couple of weeks. I'm keeping this idea for future lesson plans.

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