Monday, April 13, 2009


This month Edutopia has had an emphasis on Multiple intelligences from Howard Gardner. I like his work and have always been interested in learning styles and creating curriculum that allows students to explore the content along with different ways of learning the content.

One of the smarts that I haven't seen is technosmart. It exists, I am proof, so are all the unofficial tech support teachers that are always there to answer the questions about computers, vcrs, video, how to hook up the sound system, or why isn't the projector working. Teaching tech classes for 4 years also taught me that this was the case with learners. Some students just got it. All students could learn and most did learn technology skills in my class, like file management, multimedia creation, CAD, but some of them truly shined. I could throw any new program at them and they would master it within the week we worked on it.

In the video below, there is one statement too that speaks to what I have said before regarding extended adolescence. With 1:36 remaining one girl refers to the fact that they get to act like adults and take responsibility. This kind of relevance for students is what make learning real. they are learning to be not preparing to be. I would love it if my children could be in a class and school like this.


Patrick Black said...

Your're right, that is such a good idea. As a self-described techno geek, and unofficial tech support I agree. There is a segment of our population that this stuff just "makes sense" too!

Jorgie said...

Thanks for the comment, I guess it is a good reminder to me too that for others this stuff just doesn't make sense, much like balancing my checkbook or interpretive dance just doesn't make sense to me.

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