Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The connected Classroom via iPhone

Watch the video first or after or whenever?

Regarding this video in his blog: Darren Kuropatwa said

but, in most subjects, does every kid have to learn exactly the same stuff?
My response to his question:


Not only does every kid not have to learn the exactly same stuff....they can't. Based on their prior knowledge they will connect and construct their own learning as you present material to them. So the question really is not do they have to learn the same stuff, but do they have to be presented the same material?

My response to my question:
I tried my very best when I was in the classroom to get kids to explore and create networks of learning for themselves. I have learned since then what more I could have done to really build those. For example why not have each student subscribe to two out of four or five suggested podcasts. Not just my class podcast. Or have them choose two relevant films to watch and use that to drive discussion. Clearly there are times when you want each student to be able to work with a specific body of material, skills, or information. But students can and should be forming their own areas of interest that will develop into areas of expertise. My job as an educator can then be to prompt them into making connections they haven't and into thinking about things they may have missed. Instead of a single assigned textbook why not 3 options?

Then, the face to face time with students can focus on those skills and information that can only be imparted in the face to face setting.

Probably some broad brush strokes here, but just some thoughts!

BTW my original comments were:

I was already doing this in my class before I left to become a professional developer. Not to the extent here, but for example during our unit on energy and power I provided links to video, websites, and even suggested items that were going to be on TV for kids to watch and summarize before our next in class discussion.

To me you value the students time and your own time when you reserve for the face to face time those things that can only be done face to face. Me modeling, problem solving or helping with skills.

The challenge I had with the video was how locked into Apple this is. What about those kids that don't want an iPhone? iTunes U is awesome, but I hate locking our delivery to one platform and one portal.

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