Monday, May 11, 2009

What does that mean?: A Mobile Reference Library

Mr. Jorgensen, do you have a calculator? Nope, do you have your cell phone? Mr. Jorgensen there aren't enough stopwatches do you have anymore? Nope, do you have your cell phone? Well, add one more to that list. Mr. Jorgensen, do you have a dictionary? Nope, do you have your web enabled cell phone?

When students would ask about a dictionary in my computer lab, I typically directed them to or both great sites to look up words, word origin, and other forms. Before web enabled phones, I downloaded a Microsoft Encarta Dictionary into Microsoft's Reader a good resource on my mobile device but with fairly limited definitions. With web enabled phones you can now visit to look up terms, thesaurus entries and other information on the fly. also provides an Application for the iPhone/iPod touch.

Not to be outdone has a mobile interface at When you check the site it states that the site is optimized for the iPhone, but it works well on Windows Mobile phones and other web enabled phones and the iPod Touch.

Another great feature that doesn't require a web enabled phone is Google's SMS tools. You can see a list of these tools at Most of the advanced search techniques work for example text: "define:learning" to 466453 (Google) to get the definition of learning.

Learn where you are!

image citation: flickr user: midnightglory

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