Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Wednesday Web of the Week: PBS Video

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PBS recently launched a new site that includes full length video's from many of the most popular PBS series including: Nova, Frontline, and Nature. Many of these can be used to effectively enhance learning. The strategies encouraged by the National Teacher Training Institute seem ever more appropriate.

Additional Strategies are also possible. The time we have with students face to face is precious and can be best utilized by activities that can only be done face to face. This can include deep analysis of video, but when looking to enhance the classroom with out of class video resources consider some of these strategies:

  • Allow students to choose among several video's on the same topic, watch them at home or in the computer lab. Class time can be devoted to discussion and debate on the topic.

  • Create Point/Counterpoint style activities.  Students can be assigned videos on different sides of a topic and then discuss in class or an online forum

  • Allow students to do a written analysis of videos related to a class topic.  These could also be used for grade "enhancements" to make up for poor grades, missed assignments or to improve a faltering class average.

  • Encourage students to subscribe to or view relevant video podcasts as methods for enhancing to topics in class.

PBS Video has many terrific online resources available now in full length versions.  For more resources Utah Teachers can also also access video for classroom use at and click on the eMedia link or click here if you are at a Utah Public School

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