Wednesday, May 6, 2009

W =F x D; T = (L + R + C)Ch

I was reading Kelly Hines blog today and ran across this from an older post

2. Learning and Teaching are not the same thing. How many times have we heard a colleague say, “I don’t know why these kids don’t get it. I’ve taught it a hundred times.” I equate teaching and learning to a basic physics principle. If an object does not move, no matter how much force has been applied, no work has been done. Therefore, if a student has not learned, not matter how much effort has been exerted, no teaching has been done. Teaching in the 21st century is going to be about working smarter and not harder. It is not about adding to our proverbial plates. We must look at learning as the product of a successful day. Learning will not look the same to all students or all teachers, but it must be the goal.

This was part of a complete list, but it struck me as unique and the physics reference hit home for me. So adding my own 2 cents into the conversation here's my formula for teaching

T = (L + R + C)Ch
Teaching equals Learning plus Retention plus connections multiplied by change. If what I do doesn't cause people to change the way they behave I haven't really taught them anything. It doesn't have to have a life altering effect on them, but maybe a slight course correction that sends them into a new direction. Everything valuable I have every learned has caused me to change, and I hope it has caused me to change for the better, to improve.

Kelly's Post reminded me of that! Thanks!


Anonymous said...

I love your extension of my physics equation :) How wonderfully stated!

Jorgie said...

Well, Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog and comment! Your posts are quickly becoming some of my favorites

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