Friday, May 1, 2009

Response to Jeff Utecht: When do we start teaching self-branding

No, it is self-branding not self branding. See his thoughts here His post brings up an interesting dynamic. Below is my response:

Self branding and identity protection create a unique tension in the online world. On the one hand I as a person want to protect myself from identity theft, on the other hand I am trying to carve out a piece of online territory that is ME! This becomes even trickier because our students are doing the same thing. They want to be recognized and heard and be noticed, but what if they are recognized and noticed?

Thanks for a thoughtful post

It makes me wonder though, do we really teach the technology? Kids get the branding idea already. That's why they myspace and facebook. They are defining who they are by in a sense advertising who they are. I don't know all the answers but the questions sure keep things interesting.

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