Friday, May 29, 2009

My ideal Library

I had an experience the other day! I was asked what I think the library of the future would look like. WOW! If I could design the ideal library what would it include? Well, that is a big question.

Ideally, some of the physical needs would include:
  • Tables and chairs, but not just the standard square tables with student chairs, but some cool and fun arrangements of bistro style tall stools and tables.
  • Sofa's and comfortable reading spaces.
  • BOOKS!!!!! Duh, but with an identical emphasis on non-fiction as on fiction. Literature is the joy of our lives, the enrichment. Non-fiction/Information reading is the meat and veggies.
  • Computers! but not just computers! I would love to see collaboritive spaces. It is often nice to have the one laptop per child model, but there are times when it is much more successful to have one computer per group. I would like to see large desks with plenty of space for other media, like books, posters, videos and dvds alongside the computer.
  • Conference rooms/cubicles where students can collaborate without disturbing others.

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