Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Scan it

In our modern day and age it is becoming ever more useful to get rid of paper.  Recently I have been using a tool that I love.  We upgraded our copy machine with a module that allows it to send PDF files instead of just making paper copies.  I have gone through over 2000 pages of old materials and scanned them in as PDF's.  Some of these are materials that I could probably find doing a Google Search or using Pioneer Library to look through old Journals and Magazines, but in this case I had taken notes on items and had handwritten notes to go along with them.  Most of these I haven't referred to for a while but they still matter to me so I wanted to keep them available. This new add-on on the copier has been a wonderful tool and allowed me to scan multiple sheets all at once.  It even does double sided and larger sized documents.  Our system was about $200.00 to add on to the current copier we had.  This is relatively inexpensive for a scanner that can be shared by all who have access to the copier.


There are other ways also, there are several apps that allow a Smartphone to take a snapshot and turn it into a PDF.  I have talked about that in a previous post but you can also do a search in your favorite App store to find and compare them.

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