Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Wednesday Web: Edutecher and Educlipper

Web addresses:
EduTecher Logo

I have found it a little hard to describe these two sites.  Edutecher is a bit like social networking for teachers, but it isn't exactly.  It's a teacher web publishing tool, but it's more than that.  What I can definitively say is that it is definitely useful!  This site allows you to login and create a profile.  This profile allows you to interact with other educators and for them to interact with you. Additionally, you can create your own blog and start sharing out with students. Grab the RSS feed and you can republish it to other sites. Like your my.uen page.  You can also take notes, keep track of links and Search links that are curated on the site.

educlipper logo

Is like Pinterest but completely for educators.  You can Clip pages, images, books, even documents and files! Educlipper is a way teachers can store online and share with everyone the things that matter to them.  You can create multiple ClipBoards and then share them with Contacts, students, the whole world or whatever works best for you.  Educlipper is very new and currently requires an invite to become part of but when all the features are available to the whole world it will definitely be a player in the educational world.

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