Wednesday, October 17, 2012

QR Treasure Hunt Generator

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Ever seen one of these crazy things???
  Well whether you have or haven't it's worth know what they are and a cool website to use them with.  They are called a QR (QuickReader) code and are sometimes also referred to as a 3-d barcode.  Normal barcodes are just lines and based on the thickness of the black and white lines a certain amount of data can be stored in the barcode.
the barcode printer: free barcode generator

The more complex QR codes can contain more information. You can imagine it like overlaying two barcodes perpendicular to each other. There are lots of apps out there that read these codes. ScanLife and TapMedia ( both provide apps for all the platforms. So back to the Web of the Week!, this nifty page will let you create a QR code treasure hunt. The kids scan the codes with whatever device they have and they get a quiz! This can be posted around a room or around a school for kids to go and look for.

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