Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tech Tip Tuesday: Make a list...put headphones on it!

Each year in the fall millions of kids come home with a list of the school supplies they need.  For the Tech tip this week I have two suggestions.  First, make a list.  Espcially in Secondary education where students have between 6 and 8 different teachers they have an enormous list of lists.  They get a different list of materials required for each class.  Sometimes buried in a paragraph of a multiple page Open Disclosure document.

So, make a list. Use a wiki, GoogleSpreadsheets or my.uen to create a list of all the materials students in your grade need.  Teachers can collaborate on the list making it comprehensive.  It could even be prioritized with color coding so parents know which items are 'useful' but not 'required'

As a tech suggestion, add headphones or earbuds to the list.  Many schools spend a portion of their tech budget each year providing headphones for the school computer lab.  Asking students to provide their own makes for a much more sanitary and simpler solution.  Earbuds can be purchased at many Super Stores and Grocery stores for less than $3 making them equivalent in cost to a nice pen.  It can be invaluable in a computer lab setting to have students be able to engage with the audio without having to compete with a dozen other computers nearby.

Creating a list like this with GoogleDocs might look like this!

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