Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Buy a book!

This blog has highlighted the various eBook and eReader formats. These have truly changed the way our world consumes text. The various eReaders have enabled us to carry dozens of books in a much smaller space while still being able to highlight amid take notes right on the text just like a real book. Amazon's Kindle books even allow for social highlighting. Passages of text that you highlight can be shared anonymously and you can view how many others have highlighted passages.

But even more amazing are the books that aren't books. Many of the books available on both the iPhone OS and the newer Android are Apps. Many books are aviable as stand alone Apps. But these Apps go way beyond just the text. They allow interaction with artifacts from the book, and can even embed multimedia. It takes the experience of reading a book to really experiencing a book. One premier example of this is the Bram Stoker Family Edition of Dracula for the iPad. Learn more about it at: http://www.padworxdigital.com/

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