Monday, July 6, 2009

Have you seen this man?

Have you seen this man? He is a cyberbully

Now, he doesn't mean to be a cyberbully but if you have read this blog in the past. You know that he can be really mean. It isn't intentional. I can vouch for his motives. They are pure. He wants to be funny, well liked, even a positive influence for good in the cyberworld.

He just puts his foot (or rather keyboard) in his mouth. (I think that others may want to put either their foot or that keyboard somewhere else.... but... that's why this post)

Trying to convey dry/sarcastic humor via the internet is nearly impossible. My friend Jared (@covili) and I were at NECC09 and through a perfectly normal series of events (No sarcasm or humor intended...seriously) I had a less than great experience at the White House. I wrote about it. I figured folks would take it for what it was just a long drawn out rant about the silliness of being stuck in a situation I could do nothing about. Apparently that wasn't so much the case. It was received poorly. I was informed face to face of this.

So, sorry. No harm meant. Not trying to be a cyberbully just pointing out the silliness that can sometimes happen in life. None of it was Jared's fault at all.

I guess, I really am learning. Just not fast enough.

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