Monday, July 6, 2009


I have a couple of partings words about NECC. It was a terrific! I liked it! In the future though, I will definitely plan better. There were a couple of this I should have done to enjoy the conference better:
  • Arrive early: I wish I had been there on Saturday for the EduBlogCon and to do some sightseeing
  • Don't Stay Late: In order to see all of the final session we stayed over until Thursday. I was so tired that all I did was sit in the hotel and blog and miss my family. I didn't get any sightseeing done that we thought we could do that day (See previous bullet)
  • Plan Sessions Early: I missed the online registration for the Bring Your Own Laptop Sessions so I missed out on several I would have like to got to
  • Have a plan of attack for Vendors: I could have gotten some effective personal and professional development if I had planned what I wanted to see at the Vendors area.
  • Plan meet ups: I really wanted to meet some of the people I interact with online. I tried the Tweet Up Meet Up and I did not do well. I should have planned some people to meet and set up plans for a session together, lunch or to meet at a Vendor's booth.
  • Leave some time unstructured: I should have left one afternoon open to do whatever came up. To wander the vendor's area, visit the blogger's cafe, or just chat with people I meet.
I think that if I get to go to ISTE2010 I will enjoy it even more, I will bring back more than I did this year at NECC09.

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