Monday, March 2, 2009

A vision for the future: Gadgets

This video sure shows some unique perspectives and allows me to rant about two things I have been wanting to rant about.

Future Vision Montage
Future Vision Montage

Ok first,

What does knowledge mean? We are fast approaching a time when access to what others have already studied and learned will be immediately accessible to anyone. I had a Botany class where I memorized 200 plants. I had to be able to recognize woody parts, leaves, and flowers. I could be shown anyone of them and would be required to recognize them. Do I remeber them now? NO! Well ok a few, but not most of them. If I had been taught how to accurately look them up and use a botanical key, I would still have that skill.

What gadget will we use? I don't know but it is clear we will use them. And we will use them to connect to people. Today I was waiting for an interview with a school district and suddenly on my phone I get a text. Former student wants to add me on facebook. So I text back add. Suddenly we are connected. Within a moment I get a new message

This is where things are going. We touch through tech. Not in some creepy way, but in the normal ways we have for years. We connect with people and interact, debate, discuss, and collaborate. I don't know exactly where we are going, but it's going to be a fun ride!

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