Friday, March 27, 2009

Are people really reading this??

Some of our readers may also be writers.  If you have a web presence it can be useful to know how many people are visiting your site.  We have some examples of web tracking on our Blog here, but haven't really talked about the purpose or use of these trackers.  There are several kinds of trackers.

Hit Counters

Hit counters allow you to have numerical data about how many people have hit your site.  These are the simplest kinds of trackers.  We have a couple of examples on this page but specifically for this post I created one with the site:

Free Hit Counters

HTML Counter


A more complex type shows you approximately where people are coming from.  These maps usually also have a visual representation of how many people are visiting the site. and both have these maps available as code you can install on your own webpage.


Finally, you can achieve higher level analysis of your web traffic with an analytics tool.  Feedjit has options that show you where a visitor arrived on the site from, and where they exited too.  Google Analytics one of the tools available with a Google account will also allow you to track how long people remained on the site before leaving.  So, go find out if people are really reading your stuff.

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