Saturday, October 18, 2008

Response to Drape's Takes

My response to Drape's Takes: Invisible Political Forces... 
What you are saying is that the system is self creating! I know I came into education partly to "fix" it and partly because I was so good at it. Many of us are successful teachers in part because we were such successful students. We fit the system and worked it.

Another conflict is that there is a very real pressure against innovation. New ideas have to be approved, checked, research based, data driven...... the reality is there is very little motivation for most people to innovate and a very big incentive not to. No one wants to be the one to get 'that call' from the principal and deal with the fall-out. The system itself has a very hard time reforming itself because it is designed to self-perpetuate. Microsoft, banking, the automotive industry so much of it is that way

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