Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Bookmarking Tools

There are some great tools for online bookmarking.  Try one of these out:
  1. my.uen - has a bookmarking tool where you can save your favorite websites and then publish them on your public page if you choose
  2. diigo - social bookmarking and highlighting
  3. delicious - social bookmarking and sharing
  4. symbaloo - visual bookmarking. There is also a special edu version http://www.symbalooedu.com
  5. google.com/bookmarks - Chrome keeps your bookmarks in sync across devices, but Google Bookmarks allows you to access them on whatever browser you are on and also allows you to share them.
  6. Pinterest - Visual bookmarking and can be unsafe for work but there are some great education Pin Boards too.
  7. Pearltrees - Another visual bookmarking and mind mapping tool
Where are you saving bookmarks and sharing bookmarks?

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