Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Tech Tip Tuesday: Make a Ringtone

If you are an iOS user, you may be like me and disappointed that they took away the feature that allowed you to create RingTones from your music. If you look around on the interwebs you can find instructions for doing it manually. It involves several steps and renaming and moving files. It seems to be all legitimate since you own the music. But it is a lot more convenient to just buy the music ringtones so thats what a lot of people do.
On Android, I had a great little App called RingDroid it allowed me to trim a 30 second section of any song on my device and then save it to the RingTones settings.  It was pretty great.  I have looked around for something similar on iPhone.  No such luck.  But if you are looking do to this I did find a great little App in the Mac App store. Free RingTone Maker allows me to browse my playlists and music from iTunes. I can then trim the section I want to make a ringtone and with just a couple of clicks it puts the trimmed file back into iTunes as a RingTone.  It also works by dragging and dropping .wav and other files into the App and even lets you directly record using the onboard mic.
Give it a try!

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