Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Tuesday Tech Tip: Take Note!

The other day I was in a meeting and needed a colleagues email.  I was pulling out my phone and looking for a quick way to take note of it.  I had lost my favorite notes app on my Android phone, so I was scrambling to find a way to jot down this email, (I don't know why but I didn't want to open Contacts).  While I am frantically scrambling around, my colleague pulls out a tiny notebook, writes his email with a pen and then tears out the sheet and hands it to me.

Sometimes low tech is faster!

In another meeting, one of my other colleages was talking about the importance of having an Ubiquitous Capture Device. Well, that is simply something you can use to record things as you think of them.  Something like this!

My Hipster PDA

Something as simple as a few index card held together with a binder clip can greatly enhance your chance of recording and remembering something.

When you pair this with apps on your phone, you can also digitize this.  EverNote a website, App (for iOS and Android) and Desktop Client, allows you to take notes on all kinds of things and one of my favorites, take photos to add to notebooks.  When I am done with a paper that I want to capture the information from, I use EverNote to snap a picture and add it to the appropriate notebooks.  Then I can recycle the paper, of course, you could also just put a date on the index card and put it in a recipe box for a low tech solution.

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