Friday, February 3, 2012

Teaching is hard work

I have been out of the classroom for a while. We took a small hiatus from our face to face classes in order to renew our agendas and syllabi. But for the last two days I toughs PowerPoint 2010for teachers. Wee do just the basics, inserting text, images, audio video, and the other basic content types. It was so much fun to actually teach again. I have been teaching my college class, but it is somehow much different. There is a sense of lightheartedness about teaching teachers who don't get a grade and who really see what this is going to mean in their classroom. It was a long hard two days though because I forgot what it takes emotionally to be on for 8 hours solid. But a lot of things came together to really make it work. I chose a new sample project on Internet Safety which worked very well and is something all the teachers could relate to. I then chose a new model project to show off how to get resources and Amphibians was a great choice too because there are RS if resources available. It also makes a good model for story boarding. All in all a very good couple of days.

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