Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tech Tip Tuesday: Gadgets and Gizmos #3 in a series

Last week we talked about the Kobo eReader and before that the Kindle.  Both are great little readers, but this week we will depart from the eReaders and talk about something else. The iPod 4th generation.  The very first iPod touch was a pretty cool device and they are still pretty cool.  An excellent audio and video player but with apps it's much much more than that calendaring, email, alarm clock, just about anything you want to do "There's an App for that"

The 4th generation iPod added some excellent features. By adding a front facing and rear facing camera the iPod touch has become a creative device.  The latest versions of Keynote, Number and Pages are compatible on the iPod.  This means you can create spreadsheets, presentations and text documents.  Of course the screen size is pretty small still and that makes the iPod

touch to use as your only device. One thing that makes the iPod even more useful is a full-size keyboard. There are a couple of option for achieving this.  the iPad keyboard dock is compatible with the iPod which makes creating content on the iPod a lot easier.  Another option is a iPod compatible dock and wireless Bluetooth keyboard.  With the added cameras on this latest iPod touch you can also use iMovie to create, edit, and share movies.  The argument has often been that these iOS devices are consumptive devices and not creative devices, but these latest updates to both the hardware and the software allow the iPod touch to make that jump and become a truly creative device.

Of course since it is also app enabled you can also still consume all your favorite media, including ePub books available from the Pioneer Library

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