Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tech Tip Tuesday: Gadget and Gizmos #2 in a series

Last week we reviewed the Amazon Kindle for you and this week we are continuing the pattern. The Kobo has a lot in common with Kindle.  Both use eInk technology which gives you a paper crisp contrast and virtually no glare, just like a paper book.  Both have capacity to carry lots of books.  But where the differences start are when  you buy books.  Kobo has it's own online eBook store.  You can shop, purchase and download books from the store or you can purchase directly on your Wi-Fi enabled device.  One piece of trouble with the device is the interface. There are only 4 buttons on the side, a power switch and the navigation pad.  The Navigation pad allows for movement around the screen, but the lack of a keyboard means you have a virtual keyboard that must be navigated with the pad and it's a little difficult.

Big on the upside is the expansion card slot. The card allows for expansion of the onboard  1GB up to 32GB.  While 32GB is enough to store 10,000 books very few people have that many books in their personal collections.  What is more useful to me is that I can preload different collections onto different cards.  I can quickly switch out my books for my sons.  The final benefit is that the Kobo will manage PDF's as well as ePub.  This means that the Kobo is compatible with the ebooks available from the Pioneer Library via OverDrive and LearningExpress.

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