Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wednesday Web of the Week: GoogleArtProject

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Google Art Project

We highlight a lot of Google stuff here because Google has a lot of cool stuff to highlight.  The latest cool tool from Google is a creative and unique application of Google's Street view technology.  This technology allows you to see what the actually streets look like and even take a virtual road trip.  Now at the end of the road trip you can even visit a museum virtually.  GoogleArtProject uses the technology to allow you to walk around a museum and look at the works of art on the walls.  It's a pret

ty fantastic trip and has a bunch of great museums to start with.  You can read more about how the project began on Google's Official Blog

UEN Student InteractivesFor more help on teaching with Art and about Art you can check out ArtsEdge.  This is a resource that UEN partners with through Thinkfinity.  You can also find great interactive websites, games and activities at on UEN's Interactive page.

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