Monday, June 28, 2010

1st session: engaging young scientists

Sitting in on my first ISTE session. It's a mode, classroom lesson about using tools to learn science and to study science. It gives me a good idea for a session for next year. I think I would like to present at next year's conference. A science lesson seems right up my alley.

So far they are referring to proscopes, iPods and checking out iPods to students.

I am noticing that these folks are good and it's shooing up to be a good session but I ask myself: Why do educator's talk about hands on activities. We so often go too fast. We have an hour in this session and what we really need is three. We should all participate as students, then have time to explore what these educator's have already done. Finally, we should be able to discuss wi each other ways to extend adapt and enhance this. Their wiki, I should be able to add resources that I have or know of that wil help. We Asa educator's are still to intent on dispensing what we have and not nearly enough on working together to create.

Anyway good session and powerful activities for the learners.

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