Tuesday, May 28, 2013

As we head into the summer it's worth considering what to watch.  We often have our summer reading list ready but this summer consider adding a viewing list.  Pick out some of the excellent videos and resources available to learn by watching.

1. The Teaching Channel - A site focused on professionally created videos mostly showing teachers demonstrating strategies and techniques.

2. Learner.org - Annenberg produced videos and courses that focus on deeper theory and strategies for learning.

3. UEN-TV - Live Television broadcasts of a variety of Instructional and Education programming including some items from Annenberg’s Learner.org

4. UtahiTV- Broadcast schedules and other resources for locating education and instructional television statewide


5. eMedia - Many of the resouces licensed through the Utah Instructional Media Consortium and listed at UtahiTV are also downloadable through eMedia

6. PBS Video - All your favorite PBS programming most of it streamed full length without commercials.

7. TED - TED has become a premier source of the best ideas in the world.  Visit the site for great videos to inspire and challenge you.  Visit the TedEd site to see lesson plans and ideas for using videos to inspire and challenge students.

8. YouTube.EDU - Whether for professional or personal development, the iPad is fantastic at storing, reading and even annotating PDF’s, ePub, and other files.

9. iTunes - Use iTunes to find podcasts and iTunes U content.

* Bonus

Consider Amazon Instant Video, Hulu and Netflix. Each of these services offer excellent documentaries and informational content.

See a printable version here: 9 Ideas for Teacher Viewing

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