Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Web of the Week Wednesday: One Hundred Free Books

Web Address: It's easy to find free books for your chosen eReader.  Many, many, many classics are out of copyright and now reside in the public domain meaning you can download them for free.  Most of the stores for the various devices distribute these Classics free, or they are available at But there are others.  One Hundred Free books shares free Kindle Books.  Basically you could find this yourself by picking a genre on and then sorting by price from low to high.  One Hundred Free Books however, peels back the wrapper of Amazon and lets you see things more easily.  Most of the free books are independent or small time, but they can make for an enjoyable indulgence into seeing what you can get for free.  Please be aware that some titles are not intended for younger readers and that UEN is not responsible for any content on the site nor is it endorsing the site. Just offering it up for your consideration.  If you do find an excellent title please share your link in the comments.

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