Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wednesday Web of the Week: UEN Climate Science

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What's the climate today?  We rarely hear that question and well we shouldn't.  Climate is not a short term or temporary effect.  Climate is the long term persistent pattern of effects.  This is the case whether you are talking about Earth's climate or the climate in a school or workplace.  The daily changes in temperature, precipitation, and other factors create a pattern.  That pattern is climate.

Climate science is the study of those patterns and they do change and alter over time.  Places that were once lush are now deserts.  Many factors contribute to these changes in the long range patterns.

These patterns are useful to understand and to learn about.  They can help us make daily decisions about how we behave and how to contribute to a healthy climate.  UEN has provided some well recognized and award winning resources for teaching about Climate science.

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