Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Web of the Week Wednesday: Tech Learning

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When we need a review of a restaurant we have dozens of places we can turn. Books, same thing, you can even get reviews of local plumbers, but where do we turn to get insightful reviews of the latest ideas and technologies specifically for education?  Well one plac is TechLearning.  This online Education Technology Magazine has reviews, teaching ideas, editorials and opinions, and some of the best resources around for learning about teaching with technology.

When you create a login you can also sign up for email alerts and a free copy of the print magazine.  The print magazine has the same type of content as the website and often sends you back to the website for further information, polls, or to find live links referred to in the article.  Both the magazine and the website are supported by advertising  but it isn't too obtrusive and is all educationally focused and school safe.

To learn a little more about TechLearning try this link:

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