Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tech Tip Tuesday: 7 reasons you should buy an iPod Touch

There are lots of really good reasons to buy an iPod Touch right now.

  1. Built in cameras.  This is a video camera and still camera as good as anything you bought more than 2 years ago.

  2. Built in wifi. This means you can surf your favorite websites.  With mobile versions of many sites  and 'pinch' zooming for the rest it is a fantastic tool for checking almost any site.

  3. Built in mail.

  4. Books! - With basically every big book seller offering an app for reading eBooks on the iPod it is a great tool for carrying a library with you.

  5. Notes! - With a pretty good built in note taking app you can also use the iPod to take notes and jot down ideas, or if you would prefer use the Voice recorder for voice memos.

  6. Apps - iTunes has a vast library of applications that can be used for literally thousands of things.  Games, PDF readers, even remote controls for your computer, iTunes library, PowerPoint or Keynote.

  7. Calendar - You can also use the iPod to manage your calendar.  The built in App can be configured to sync with a Microsoft Exchange Server, Google Calendar or with your desktop computer.

Oh, and by the way it will also play music!

Visit www.apple.com/ipod to see your options.

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