Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tech Tip Tuesday: Get more out of iTunes.

Last week Steve Jobs and Apple Computers announced a new iTunes and new iPod Touch. (Watch the announcement here)

TScreen shot 2010-09-08 at 12.14.24 PMhe run down for educators.  The new iPod touch has an HD camera on the rear and a front facing camera for video chatting.  It will also be compatible with the iMovie app for the IOS4 software meaning that you have a portable video production studio.  For educators that's a lot to add to a pretty good product all starting at $229.00

ITunes itself got a facelift.  There is a new view that allows you to see album artwork if it doesn't create wasted space, the sidebar items are now grey instead of multi-colored (a feature some don't like because it means the loss of a visual cue). ITunes also has improved syncing.  You can now see how far over the mark you are with your sync settings.  Ping a social network centered around your music and music preferences was also launched.   Screen shot 2010-09-08 at 10.58.54 AM

Finally, iTunes has a whole page of Apps just for Back to school.  Check out the new iTunes.

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