Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tech Tip Tuesday: Pick your Browser!

An overwhelming majority of internet users browse the web with Internet Explorer.  This was one of the big fears of companies back years ago when Microsoft started marketing and packaging it with their operating system.  Other web browsing software felt they would lose their market if people got Internet Explorer right on their computer.  They were largely right.  Netscape Navigator doesn't exist anymore but it's heritage lives on in the AOL company.

There are other browsers out there besides Internet Explorer.  Here's a little summary of some of the major players:

Mozilla FireFox

This browser is an open source solution from Mozilla, the open source means anybody with the know how can download the code and improve, or update it.  What this means for users is it is exceedingly simple to get plugin and downloads that extend the capacity of FireFox.  Firefox is available for Mac and Windows

Google Chrome

This broswer is another step in Google's journey to being a one stop shopping center for web tools.  If you like Google's simply clean lines the browser will probably suit you.  Some users miss the menus and buttons, but it does make your Google experience complete. Google is available for Windows


Safari is the Apple browser.  It has some of the features that FireFox has and some of the feature the Internet Explorer has.  This is more compatible with the Microsoft Website and a few others on a Mac than FireFox is but what's really unique is that you can get it on a Windows computer.  If you enjoy using iTunes on your Windows PC try out Safari. Safari is available for Mac and Windows.

And if you are stuck using Internet Explorer because of network or policy issues try: http://www.techcrunch.com/2009/09/22/google-turns-internet-explorer-into-chrome-yes-seriously/ This post tells you how do do just what it's title implies.  Turn Internet Explorer into Google Chrome.

For even more about using these different web browsers you can watch the archived episode of the Faculty Lounge where Jared Covili talks about each of the browsers and what the pros and cons of them are.

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