Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tech Tip Tuesday: Learn to Geocache

Information is tied to location.  Thinks we want to learn are related to the place they happened, were discovered, were written.

Geocaching helps you become the Search Engine.  At least that's the motto of Geocaching.com.  What do you do though, if you aren't sure about this whole thing?  Can't you try it out?  Before you spend $100.00 or more on a GPS device?  Well, yes you can.  You have a couple of options.

First, Take a class.  UEN Professional development offers a course called: The GPS Classroom.  In the class you learn a lot of the basics of using a GPS unit and how to find geocaches.  This course isn't designed for the GPS Navigation units for the car, but rather the devices that hunters, search and rescue, and other outdoorsman use for navigating off road.

Second, Try Geocaching with your phone it does everything else, Why not Geocaching?.  You have four options.

  • Geocaching with an iPhone.  Geocaching.com offers an iPhone App for $9.99.  This app does it all.

  • Trimble offers a $5.99 per month service and software that works on several Phones and plans.

  • A Windows Mobile fan?  BASICgps is a free download that works fairly well.  It doesn't have convenient features for downloading a cache location directly to the phone( you sync them onto the phone from your computer), but does allow you to log caches from the phone as well as get hints....if you have a data plan.

  • Blackberry features Blackstar.  A Clean and simple solution that again doesn't work well for downloading cache locations, but will let you find and log them all with the phone.  You will have to add the locations from a computer before you head into the wilds.

So there you have it folks, several ways you can try out location based information.  So grab your phone and go outside.

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