Monday, February 9, 2009

Posted in Response to Remote Access

I bumped into the Remote Access blog a few days ago and some stuff hit my reader that I found useful. I commented and am reposting it here:
Oh, how I wish I could have shown this post and Classroom Architect to my CTE Director a year ago. Last Christmas I was told I would get new computers and did I have any ideas for redoing my room. Yes, I want to leave it the way it is! Well there were various reasons we couldn't leave it, mainly I was getting 5 more computers than I had before, but I was teaching design and it was frustrating to have to abandon the principle that "form follows function" I did appreciate very much the thought our CTE Director put into the new design as well as our Tech folks, but ultimately we should have probably spent more time on our design.

You are absolutely right about the fact that the design, form and spaces of the classroom encourage or discourage certain behaviors and learning. Well designed spaces contribute to well designed learning.

Learning spaces should be designed in collaboration with experts and users. Students, Teachers and designers should work together to create spaces that actually work. The fundamental design principle of form follows function should be followed. Why isn't it? How have constraints in your classroom limited what and how you teach?

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