Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I have amend one of my previous posts. In response to another blog I wrote that I get frustrated when people want step by step instructions for what is essentially an immersive process. One of the participants in a training I was doing, apparently actually read my blog and then said to me "Well, I know you don't like to do things step by step but I need some help" I got the impression that this participant was rather offended by my apparent lack of empathy.

I do have a lot of empathy, and I do recognize it is difficult for many people to just jump in and do. I recently had to build some Google Earth Tours which I had never done and so I went to one of my colleagues for some help. I guess where the challenge lies is not in giving people step by step instructions or showing them how to do it, but rather navigating the online environment is more like jazz that classical. Jazz is not only more flexible and spontaneous but has to be. I watch some people who want to memorize the steps to get the results, but that simply doesn't work. I wish that it did, but when people ask me: "How do I insert a picture" My answer is always and always has to be: "Well it depends"

So much of stuff about using computers is contextual. It is almost impossible to give out a step by step set of instructions and build deep understanding about how to really use a computer. It is the difference between a technical perfect classical performance and a truly inspiring Jazz improv

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